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Obama Rated Highest on Foreign Affairs, Lowest on Deficit

President Obama earns a 39% job approval rating for his handling of the economy, essentially unchanged from one year ago. Across nine issues, Americans give Obama his highest approval ratings for handling national defense, at 53%.

Republicans Drive Drop in Positivity on U.S. Global Standing

Nearly six in 10 Americans think President Joe Biden is respected by world leaders, but fewer, 49%, think the U.S. is viewed favorably on the world stage, and 37% are satisfied with the United States' position in the world.

Biden Gets High Marks for COVID-19 Response

Two-thirds of Americans approve of President Joe Biden's handling of the coronavirus response, while smaller majorities approve of his overall job performance and his handling of the economy and foreign affairs.

Economy Tops Voters' List of Key Election Issues

The economy is the most important of 16 issues potentially influencing voters' choice for president this year.

Trump Job Approval at Personal Best 49%

President Donald Trump's job approval has climbed to 49%, his highest to date.

Stable U.S. Moral Ratings Obscure Big Partisan Shifts

Americans' negative view of the state of moral values has changed little in the past year -- but this masks sharp shifts among partisans.

U.S. Satisfaction With World Standing Hits 13-Year High

Americans' satisfaction with the United States' position in the world is at a 13-year high, but most still think President Donald Trump's world standing is dismal.

Mostly Pre-Afghanistan Turmoil, Biden Job Approval 49%

Joe Biden's latest job approval rating is 49%, from a poll mostly conducted before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Congress' Job Approval Rating Improved by 10 Points

Congress' job approval rating has improved to 25%, the highest since early June.

Americans' Perceptions of U.S. World Image Best Since 2003

Fifty-eight percent of Americans say the U.S. rates favorably in the world, up slightly from last year, and the highest figure Gallup has found since 2003.
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