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Biden's Job Rating Rises to 44%, Highest in a Year

After hitting a new low in July, President Joe Biden's job approval rating is up six points to 44%, mostly because of independents' higher approval.

Issue Approvals of Biden, Trump, Obama in 6 Charts

Gallup compares Americans' ratings of Joe Biden on key issues to the highest and lowest ratings during the Trump and Obama administrations.

Fewer Americans Want U.S. Taking Major Role in World Affairs

Sixty-five percent of Americans think the U.S. should take the leading role or a major role in world affairs, the lowest in Gallup's trend.

Biden Job Approval at 42%; Below 40% on Four Issues

President Joe Biden remains underwater in his overall job approval and ratings of his handling of six issues. His handling of the coronavirus response is the only issue on which he earns majority-level approval.

Obama Rated Highest on Foreign Affairs, Lowest on Deficit

President Obama earns a 39% job approval rating for his handling of the economy, essentially unchanged from one year ago. Across nine issues, Americans give Obama his highest approval ratings for handling national defense, at 53%.

Biden Overall Approval at 40%, Key Issue Ratings Lackluster

President Biden remains underwater in his overall job approval rating and his ratings on the economy, foreign affairs, energy and the environment.

Canada, Britain Favored Most in U.S.; Russia, N. Korea Least

Canada and Great Britain are again the countries Americans view most favorably, while Russia has slipped to join North Korea as the least favorably rated of 21 countries.

U.S. and Germany Slip, Russia Stumbles on the Global Stage

Gallup surveys in nearly 140 countries in 2022 show the honeymoon is over for U.S. President Joe Biden, and Germany's image has lost some of its clout under new Chancellor Olaf Scholz. However, both countries are still in much stronger positions ...

Biden Ratings on Economy, Foreign Affairs, Russia Near 40%

President Joe Biden's overall job approval rating, and his ratings for handling the economy and foreign affairs, are steady near 40%.

Republicans Drive Drop in Positivity on U.S. Global Standing

Nearly six in 10 Americans think President Joe Biden is respected by world leaders, but fewer, 49%, think the U.S. is viewed favorably on the world stage, and 37% are satisfied with the United States' position in the world.
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