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North Korea, Cyberterrorism Top Threats to U.S.

About four in five Americans believe that North Korean nuclear weapons and cyberterrorism each pose critical threats to the United States.

South Korea's Image at New High in U.S.

In the U.S., 77% have a favorable view of South Korea, up 13 points since 2014. Meanwhile, favorable ratings of North Korea have fallen to a new low of 6%.

Gallup Vault: South Koreans Ebullient Olympic Hosts in 1988

In 1988, 82% of South Koreans, more than residents of eight other nations, thought the Olympics promote good relations between participant countries.

Fewer Americans Plan to Watch Olympics Than in Past

Four in 10 Americans intend to watch at least a fair amount of the Winter Olympics, a lower percentage than for past Winter Games.

Russians Happier With Putin Than With Country's Direction

Russians are less likely than they have been in years to believe their country's leadership is taking them in the right direction, but their unshakable approval of President Vladimir Putin almost assures him re-election in March.

Economic Problems, Corruption Fail to Dent Putin's Image

Russians' approval of President Vladimir Putin is undiminished from the high ratings they have been giving him since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Putin's Image Rises in U.S., Mostly Among Republicans

More Americans now hold a favorable view of Vladimir Putin than in 2015, though the vast majority still view the Russian leader unfavorably.

Gallup Vault: Seeing Past Olympic Boycotts and Commercialism

Despite Cold War-era boycotts of the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games, more Americans in 1984 believed the Olympics lessened rather than increased global tension. They also supported a new reliance on corporate sponsorship to pay the bill.

Americans' Interest in Watching Olympics Tumbles to New Low

Americans are less likely to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics than prior Summer Games dating back to 2000. Women's interest in the Olympics has dropped, and fewer people can name where the games will take place.

Tale of Two Presidents: Obama and Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not popular globally, but he is respected back home. President Barack Obama is popular abroad, but slightly less so at home. Should leaders worry about how they're perceived globally?
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