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Snapshot: Government Remains Top Problem for U.S.

Americans remain most likely to name poor leadership or government (20%) as the top U.S. problem, followed by immigration (10%) and race relations (7%).

Americans Lack Confidence in Key Economic Leaders

None of the key federal leaders whose job includes managing the U.S. economy earn majority confidence from Americans for their economic leadership.

Snapshot: Approval of Congress Falls After Two Shutdowns

After a slight bump in approval in January following the passage of tax reform, ratings of Congress are back in the teens.

Half of Small-Business Owners Give Administration High Marks

Nearly half of U.S. small-business owners give the current presidential administration an "A" or "B" grade for its first year performance.

Republicans' Dissatisfaction With Immigration Down, Democrats' Up

Republicans' dissatisfaction with U.S. immigration levels has eased in the past year, while Democrats' dissatisfaction has grown.

Looming Shutdown Would Further Damage Government's Image

A federal government shutdown would almost certainly do further damage to Americans' already negative view of the government.

Immigration a Top Problem for Republicans, Not for Democrats

Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to name immigration as the most important problem facing the country.

If Bipartisanship Marks 2018, Americans Would Be Happy

Government leaders are talking more about bipartisanship in 2018, a development that would fit well with what Americans want their government to do.

Americans View Government as Nation's Top Problem in 2017

Americans named dissatisfaction with government as the most important problem facing the nation in 2017, the third time in the past four years that government has topped the list.

2017 Congressional Job Approval Average Remains Low

In 2017, U.S. congressional job approval averaged 19% -- slightly higher than in 2016 because of improved ratings from Republicans.
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