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Early U.S. Holiday Spending Plans Look Similar to 2020

The amount Americans estimate they will spend on Christmas gifts this year roughly matches what they estimated last year around the same time, but it is still lower than before the pandemic.

Holiday Shopping Just Getting Started but Could Be Brisk

Portending solid holiday retail sales, Americans expect to spend an average $886 on gifts this season, slightly more than a year ago. Most people didn't start shopping early, but when they do shop, it's likely to be online.

Christmas Spending Intentions Remain Strong

Christmas spending intentions are down from October, as is typically the case, but remain strong, with Americans' expected mean spending of $846 among the best in the past decade.

Americans' Holiday Spending Intentions Strengthen in November

Americans' estimate of the amount they will spend on gifts this holiday season is up slightly from October, portending an average year for holiday sales.

Americans Plan to Scale Back on Holiday Spending This Year

Americans expect to spend an average $805 on Christmas gifts this year, down sharply from $942 last year at this time and the lowest October spending estimate since 2016.

Americans Plan to Spend Generously This Christmas

After disappointing holiday sales in 2018, U.S. retailers may be poised for a strong holiday season in 2019 as Americans offer their biggest spending estimate yet.

Biden Approval, Legislation and the American Public

The potential impact of massive new spending legislation on President Joe Biden's job approval rating remains uncertain.

The Holiday Season: 'An Opportunity for Enlightenment'

The holiday season is a time for celebration, but it also presents an opportunity to be thoughtful and considerate of others. How can employers and coworkers alike celebrate and respect one another's differences?

Consumers' Holiday Spending Estimate Is Down, but Still Solid

Consumers are offering conflicting signals about whether their holiday spending will be stronger than usual, or just average.

Americans in the Mood to Spend This Holiday Season

Gallup's initial 2018 estimate of Americans' holiday spending intentions suggests the retail season could approach last year's banner level.
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