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Unhappy State, Local Government Workers Cost U.S. Billions

The State of Local and State Government Workers' Engagement report shows a median of 29% of local and state government employees across the U.S. are engaged at work and provides a snapshot of the engagement situation in 43 states.

7 Quick Tips to Help Managers Salvage Annual Reviews

These tips can't replace a well-built performance management system, but they can get managers and employees through this year's reviews tear-free.

Build Care Into Your Management Strategy

Remote work is here to stay. See why the hybrid workplace reinforces the need for great people management.

Understanding the Effects of Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace affects employees' perceptions of organizational culture, their ability to do their best work and their wellbeing.

If Executives Aren't Engaged, Employees Won't Be Either

In Thailand, executives' engagement is significantly lower than that of employees in the organizations they lead. CEOs need to act fast, because engagement cascades down -- and so does disengagement.

The Role of Germany's Economy and Workplaces in the EU

What have we seen in 20 years of tracking German employee engagement? Untapped potential.

Defeat Employee Loneliness and Worry With CliftonStrengths

Combat loneliness, disengagement and worry by helping employees understand and use their CliftonStrengths to connect with their work and coworkers.

The 'Great Resignation' Is Really the 'Great Discontent'

Employees are quitting in droves. Learn what's fueling the mass job change.

2 Decades of Low Engagement: How Germany Can Turn It Around

This economic powerhouse produces exceptional products … but disengaged employees. German managers need development opportunities, and fast.

Warning: Even Your Committed Employees Are Being Recruited

One in four U.S. employees say they have been recruited in the past three months, and the impact is lasting. See what leaders can do to retain talent.
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