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Unhappy State, Local Government Workers Cost U.S. Billions

The State of Local and State Government Workers' Engagement report shows a median of 29% of local and state government employees across the U.S. are engaged at work and provides a snapshot of the engagement situation in 43 states.

7 Quick Tips to Help Managers Salvage Annual Reviews

These tips can't replace a well-built performance management system, but they can get managers and employees through this year's reviews tear-free.

The Role of Germany's Economy and Workplaces in the EU

What have we seen in 20 years of tracking German employee engagement? Untapped potential.

Defeat Employee Loneliness and Worry With CliftonStrengths

Combat loneliness, disengagement and worry by helping employees understand and use their CliftonStrengths to connect with their work and coworkers.

2 Decades of Low Engagement: How Germany Can Turn It Around

This economic powerhouse produces exceptional products … but disengaged employees. German managers need development opportunities, and fast.

Good News From Germany -- But Still More Work to Do

Engagement among German workers has long been dismal. Now, disengagement is on the downswing. That's good news. But the country's leaders can make things even better for the workforce.

Cut the Cost of Disengaged Restaurant General Managers

Disengaged GMs cost the entire restaurant, but when you empower them to create change, the benefits have an even wider reach.

Increase Productivity at the Lowest Possible Cost

Cut costs without hamstringing productivity using Gallup's cost optimization approach.

It's Not Too Late for German Employers to Win Back Employees' Trust

Learn why Germans' trust in corporate leadership has fallen -- and why it's not too late to fix it.

4 Factors Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in U.S.

During the past decade, 10 million more U.S. employees became engaged in their jobs. Here's what the best organizations are doing right.
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