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The Impact of CliftonStrengths on Student Engagement and Retention

Research shows that a strengths-based approach to education positively impacts student engagement and retention.

How to Solve Your Student Retention Problem Using Strengths

With universities urgently seeking ways to engage and retain students, CliftonStrengths offers a solution to these issues and so much more.

Overworked and Undervalued: Retaining Top Educators

Faced with burned out employees who are shopping for jobs, educational leaders everywhere should take these actions.

Postsecondary Education Linked to Volunteerism, Better Health

Americans with at least some postsecondary education are about twice as likely to volunteer their time as those with no education after high school.

How to Increase Campus Engagement Using Strengths

Learn how Gallup is partnering with colleges and universities to bring strengths to and embed strengths on their campuses.

How West Virginia University Connects Strengths to Students' Purpose

West Virginia University uses CliftonStrengths to accomplish its unique mission. See how a strengths-based approach drives positive results.

Ethics Ratings of Nearly All Professions Down in U.S.

Ethics ratings of a diverse list of 23 professions are less positive than they have been in recent years, with eight establishing or tying record lows.

Gallup-Lumina State of Higher Education

Exploring perceptions around postsecondary education

Majority of Gen Z Consider College Education Important

Gallup and Walton Family Foundation find Gen Z value college despite rising costs and declining adult confidence.

Post-Affirmative Action, Views on Admissions Differ by Race

Nearly seven in 10 Americans support the Supreme Court's ban on race in college admissions, with mixed reactions among different racial groups.
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