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52% Describe Problem of Crime in the U.S. as Serious

A slim majority of U.S. adults (52%) describe the problem of U.S. crime as "extremely" or "very serious." Americans' perceptions of the seriousness are up slightly from a year ago but remain down from 2015-2017.

Low Trust in Police Complicates Crime Problem in Chicago

Chicago's high crime rate ravages the city's low-income neighborhoods, where 68% of residents would like the police to spend more time. However, most residents (60%) also say the police are viewed negatively in their area.

Americans' Concerns About National Crime Abating

Americans are moderating their views of how bad the nation's crime problem is and have become less likely to think the problem is worsening.

What Percentage of Americans Are Recent Crime Victims?

Learn what percentage of Americans have been victimized by any of seven types of conventional crime in the past year, and what the rate is for violent crime.

Americans' Perceptions of Local Crime Slightly Improved

Perceptions of local crime have improved modestly since last year, while perceptions of national crime are stable.

One in Four Americans Have Experienced Cybercrime

Nearly a quarter of Americans, 23% report having a household member victimized by cybercrime, the highest percentage of a list of nine types of criminal activity included in Gallup's annual crime survey.

Fewer Americans Say Household Victimized by Crime

After a gradual, decadelong rise that saw an average of 26% of Americans say a crime was committed against someone in their household within the past year, 22% now say their household was victimized.

Americans' Perceptions of U.S. Crime Problem Are Steady

Seven in 10 Americans say there is more crime in the U.S. than a year ago, unchanged from 2015. Perceptions of local crime also held steady.

In Year Two of #MeToo, Fears About Sexual Assault Remain

Twenty percent of U.S. adults -- including more than one in three women -- say they frequently or occasionally worry about being a victim of sexual assault.

Crime Victims More Likely to Own Guns

Americans who have recently been the victim of a crime report higher rates of gun ownership than nonvictims.
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