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Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2016

16% of college graduates who visited their career services office report the office was very helpful.

Gallup-Purdue Index

The New Standard for Measuring College and University Outcomes

Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2015

50% of U.S. Alumni Strongly Agree Their Education Was Worth the Cost

Few MBA, Law Grads Say Their Degree Prepared Them Well

MBA and law degree holders are less likely than other postgraduates to say their degree prepared them well or believe their education was worth the cost.

Top Gallup-Purdue Index Findings of 2015

Gallup editors highlight some of the most important findings from the Gallup-Purdue Index in 2015.

Gallup-Purdue Index 2015 Report on College Graduates

Half of U.S. College Grads Agree Their Education Was Worth the Cost

Returning Vets Don't Feel Their College Understood Their Needs

U.S. college graduates who served in the military while enrolled in college are more likely to strongly agree that their college or university understood their unique needs than those who served prior to enrolling in college.

Measuring College and University Outcomes

The Gallup-Purdue Index: the ultimate metric of alumni success in work and life.

Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2014

39% of Employed College Graduates Are Engaged At Work

Former Student-Athletes Are Winners in Well-Being

A recent national Gallup-Purdue Index study of college graduates shows former student-athletes are more likely to be thriving than non-student-athletes in four out of five areas of well-being that Gallup measures.
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