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Trump Job Approval at Personal Best 49%

President Donald Trump's job approval has climbed to 49%, his highest to date.

Impeachment From the American Public's Perspective

Support for the Senate conviction of Donald Trump is highly correlated with his approval rating, as was the case for Bill Clinton in 1999.

Trump Approval Inches Up, While Support for Impeachment Dips

President Donald Trump's job approval rating, currently at 45%, has increased six percentage points since the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry against him in the fall.

As Senate Trial Begins, 44% Approve of Trump

President Donald Trump's job approval rating is holding steady at 44% as the Senate impeachment trial begins.

Trump's Job Approval Rating Slips to 44%

President Donald Trump's job approval rating is 44%, down from his 49% personal best recorded in January and February.

Congress Approval, Support for Impeaching Trump Both Up

Approval of Congress is now at 25%, up from 18% in September. Meanwhile, 52% of Americans now support impeaching Trump and removing him from office.

More Democrats Want Trump Removed Than Wanted Nixon Out

A slim majority of Americans continue to say President Trump should be impeached and removed from office. The 89% of Democrats with this view exceeds that for Richard Nixon just before he resigned.

Trump Job Approval Rating at 47%

President Donald Trump's job approval rating is 47%, near his highest on record. It remains highly polarized politically.

Trump Approval Holds Steady in Face of Impeachment Probe

Despite blitz of impeachment inquiry, Trump approval remains steady. Lowest ratings are on foreign affairs, highest ratings on Economy.

Approval of U.S. Congressional Republicans Tops Democrats

In Gallup's first reading since the impeachment of President Donald Trump, congressional Republicans' job approval rating significantly exceeds that of congressional Democrats.
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