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Two in Three Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana

Americans' support for legalizing marijuana continues to set new records, with 66% of U.S. adults now in favor of making the drug legal.

Americans Say Marijuana, Vaping Less Harmful Than Tobacco

When asked about six tobacco or smoking products, Americans say they use cigarettes most regularly and also consider them most harmful to users. Marijuana, the second most regularly used substance, is viewed as the least harmful.

In the News: Marijuana Legalization

As the Trump administration moves to crack down on legal marijuana use, Americans' support for legalization is at a record high.

Record-High Support for Legalizing Marijuana Use in U.S.

Americans' support for legalizing marijuana continues to increase, with a new record 64% saying it should be made legal in Gallup's nearly 50-year trend.

In U.S., 45% Say They Have Tried Marijuana

Slightly less than half of U.S. adults, 45%, say they have tried marijuana -- the highest percentage to date. About one in eight say they currently smoke pot.

Most in U.S. Say Consuming Alcohol, Marijuana Morally OK

More than three-quarters of U.S. adults believe drinking alcohol is morally acceptable while 65% say the same about smoking marijuana.

Snapshot: About One in Four Young Adults Use Marijuana

Thirteen percent of U.S. adults "regularly" or "occasionally" use marijuana, but the rate is higher among young adults and Americans living in the West.

U.S. Public Opinion on Four Key State Ballot Measures

Find out where Americans stand on four key issues that were on the ballot in several states: marijuana legalization, the death penalty, gun control and increasing the minimum wage.

One in Eight U.S. Adults Say They Smoke Marijuana

Thirteen percent of Americans say they currently smoke marijuana, nearly double the percentage found three years ago. Meanwhile, 43% say they have tried it, similar to last year.

Support for Legal Marijuana Use Up to 60% in U.S.

Sixty percent of Americans favor making marijuana use legal, the highest level of support in Gallup's 47-year trend.
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