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North Dakota Residents Most Positive About Schools

North Dakota residents are more likely than those living in any other U.S. state to rate their public education system as excellent or good. Nevada and New Mexico residents are the least positive about their schools.

Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah Lead in Economic Confidence

Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah residents were most confident in the U.S. economy in 2017, while Vermont residents were least confident.

North Dakota: Legendary Among States

North Dakota is the runaway leader among the states in how its residents score their lives and their state on 50 different dimensions. Several leading North Dakota officials offer their insights on why North Dakotans are so content.

North Dakota Has Highest Gallup Good Jobs Rate

North Dakota (51.5%) had the highest Gallup Good Jobs rate and West Virginia (38.3%) the lowest in 2015. Labor market conditions are strongest in the northern Great Plains and Mountain states and near the nation's capital.

N.D. First, Conn. Last in State Job Creation in 2014

North Dakota had the highest Job Creation Index of any state in 2014, and by an easy margin over Texas, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Connecticut ranked last, with three other New England states joining it in the bottom tier.

Illinois Residents Least Confident in Their State Government

Twenty-five percent of Illinois residents are confident in the government of their state, the lowest in the U.S. North Dakota leads all states with 81% of its residents confident in their state government.

Utah Residents Most Positive About Their State Economy

Utah residents are most positive and Illinois residents most negative about the health of their state's economy. In all but four states, residents are more positive than negative about how their state economy is doing.

North Dakota Has Highest State Payroll to Population Rate

North Dakota (54.0%) had the highest state Payroll to Population rate (P2P) and West Virginia (35.6%) the lowest in 2014. P2P relates positively to state GDP per capita, while unemployment shows little to no relationship.

North Dakota Leads in Job Creation for Fifth Straight Year

For the fifth consecutive year, North Dakota topped all other states in employee perceptions of job creation, according to the Gallup Job Creation Index. Rhode Island workers saw the least job creation in 2013.

North Dakota No. 1 in Well-Being, West Virginia Still Last

North Dakota residents in 2013 had the highest well-being in the U.S. for the first time, while West Virginians had the lowest for the fifth straight year. Eleven states' well-being scores have improved steadily since 2010.
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