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The Guide to Great Managers: What They Do Differently & Why They Matter

Download this guide to learn what great managers do to create strong teams and improve organizational performance.

It's no secret: Bad managers are bad news. But what about the decent ones?

After studying millions of managers and organizations worldwide, Gallup has found that great managers are not only different from bad managers, but they're also completely different from adequate ones.

Great managers have a powerful, positive influence on their employees because they don't act like bosses -- they act like coaches.

Download this guide to learn:

  • why managers matter so much
  • the five traits of great managers
  • three ways to help your managers learn to coach employees

Also, register for the accompanying webinar to learn more about how to develop the managers at your organization.

Report cover for Gallup’s Meta Analysis of The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes

Learn why manager development should be your top priority.

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