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Gallup Permissions

All material Gallup publishes is protected under copyright law and all use of Gallup's content requires Gallup's permission.

If you would like to reprint or reproduce Gallup's published books, reports or content from (news articles, polls, graphs, tables, etc.):

Please request permission through the Copyright Clearance Center.

If you are a strengths coach or have a question about using CliftonStrengths® materials:

Please visit for more information on purchasing Gallup's products.

If you are interested in reprinting or reproducing Gallup's published content in your own materials please request permission through the Copyright Clearance Center. If the materials you are seeking permission to use are not found at the Copyright Clearance Center then they are not currently licensed for republication.

If you have questions about the permitted use of CliftonStrengths® materials that you have purchased please consult Gallup's Product Terms of Use.

If you would like to cite Gallup data in your work:

You must cite and annotate the Gallup findings like any other academic/journal notation according to the particular style being followed. Please ensure the citation reflects the entire nature of the data point you are trying to make and provide a link to the original source article on

Gallup does not permit its content on its websites to be continuously taken and reproduced on other non-Gallup websites, archives, research platforms, analytics platforms or databases. Gallup prohibits the use of manual or automated software, devices, scripts robots or other means and processes to access, "scrape," "crawl" or "spider" its data, content and other information on and affiliated websites.

If you would like to submit a request for an alternate version of Gallup's materials for people with disabilities:

Please send your request to

If you would like to submit a research proposal to Gallup:

Gallup's Research Group meets monthly to review research proposals seeking to use Gallup's intellectual property. Please submit your proposal, along with answers to the following questions, to

  1. Who will conduct the research and what are their credentials?
  2. What is the objective of the research -- what is the research question?
  3. What is the design?
    • Detailed description of measures and programs used
    • Sample size
    • Description of the sample population
  4. Gallup scientists review the research and methodology of studies conducted using Gallup instruments to ensure quality work, accurate representation and to assess additive value relative to prior research on the instruments. Would the researcher(s) be willing to adjust the research and methodologies based on Gallup scientists' feedback and involvement?
  5. To whom would the results be published?
  6. Gallup reviews studies conducted on its instruments to ensure quality work and accurate representation. Would the researcher(s) allow Gallup's approval of public release of the findings?

Gallup World Headquarters, 901 F Street, Washington, D.C., 20001, U.S.A
+1 202.715.3030