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Antje Bauer

Antje Bauer


Coaching Expertise: Career, Education, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Life Coaching, Managers, Non-Profit Organizations, Personal Development, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams, Women

Coaching Availability: Is accepting new clients

Coaching Method: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Keynote Speaker, Online Video Conference (e.g. Skype), Workshops

Coaching Language: German, English

About Antje Bauer

30 years of leading global teams with expertise in offshoring, outsourcing and process transformations. I also bring to the table 10 years of practicing Strengths. I am deeply familiar with CliftonStrengths® - both as a concept and in practice.

What I offer as a Gallup-Certified Strengths coach:

Personalized coaching: Each person’s coaching program is unique to their own Strengths and my goal is to maximise this. One-on-one time with a focus on advancing your career through a single minded approach to developing your Strengths

Team coaching: Awareness around the various Strengths in your team and understanding the common goal. Working with high potential teams with a focus on increasing team engagement and collective performance

Interventions: You may discover sometimes that you are using your Strengths to your disadvantage. Analysing what’s holding you and your team back and re-engineering your way to success.

I make it a point to align people to tasks that they are naturally great at and enjoy doing – because I genuinely believe that there is a sweet spot for everyone. I am familiar with a variety of other development tools and blend these into my coaching and mentoring as the situation requires.

My dominant themes are Activator | Strategic | Restorative | Responsibility | Communicator

To find out more about me, send me an email or visit/follow my LinkedIn profile: