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Coates Charles

Coates Charles

San Francisco, California, United States of America (the)
San Jose, California, United States of America (the)
Palo Alto, California, United States of America (the)

Experiencia en coaching: Career, Education, Families, Life Coaching, Parenting, Personal Development, Retail, Sales, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams, Technology, Wellbeing

Disponibilidad de coaching: Is accepting new clients

Métodos de coaching: Coaching Packages, In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Online Video Conference (e.g. Skype), Phone, Seminars & Retreats, Workshops

Idiomas de coaching: English (USA)

Acerca de Coates Charles

I work with individuals, managers, and teams who want to increase productivity and bring a creative practice into their lives. They have the desire to create meaningful work everyday and understand that why they create is fundamental to how they physically go about it. When participating in my custom workshops and staff retreats, my clients learn how to achieve personal growth and reflection through art-making.