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Marilyn Morley

Marilyn Morley

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Experiencia en coaching: Career, Executive Coaching, Families, Life Coaching, Managers, Personal Development

Disponibilidad de coaching: Is not accepting new clients

Métodos de coaching: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Phone, Workshops

Idiomas de coaching: English (USA)

Acerca de Marilyn Morley

With over 25 years of management experience working with people 1:1, in groups, teams and organizations, I span many industries in my coaching career. With my proven CST ~ Common Sense Techniques, passion and natural abilities, I see people raise their awareness leading to success in their own lives, every day.  

I am an Erickson Certified Professional Coach-ECPC, ICF-ACC-Associate Certified Coach and a GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach. I also have innumerable training courses focusing on leadership, communications, strengths based living, life transitions and change. I also have a background in Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology with a degree in GSD, PMA.  

My studies cover many areas in the coaching field that have captured my heart, mind and soul allowing me the opportunity to share my unique Common Sense Techniques assisting people in moving their lives forward. My approach is practical yet effective, challenging you as an individual to take control of your life and put your thoughts and words into action so you can start realizing the positive benefits you so richly deserve.  

Being a GALLUP Strength Based Coach has given me an avenue to naturally bring individuals, teams and organizations to a new level of awareness in the Strengths Based realm. Every day I see growth in individuals when they realize their own strengths and how they show up working and living with others. Strengths bring out the natural best in each of us while allowing us to understand others in a more practical and rewarding way.  

The coaching process is a positive, healthy approach allowing people to feel more confident in who they are as a person and how they can apply themselves in their own lives to bring happiness, health and success to their world.  

I look forward to creating with you on our coaching journey!  

Marilyn Morley