Many of the greatest accomplishments can be reached only by two people working together. Tenzing and Hillary were the first to scale Mt. Everest. Malone and Stockton were the key to each other's success on the basketball court. Eisner was never as effective at Disney without Wells.

But while some partnerships reach great heights, others fall short. Why do some people click while others clash? What do great pairs have in common? And what can you learn from the most powerful partnerships to strengthen collaboration in your work and personal life?

Based on Gallup's groundbreaking research, Power of 2 details the eight elements that prepare partners to succeed in their most important endeavors and shares the science and the secrets of successful collaboration.

Mixing key insights about human nature, field-tested discoveries, and inspiring stories of partnerships that reached the pinnacle, Power of 2 will change the way you think about working with someone else.

Gale Muller is vice chairman and general manager of the Gallup World Poll. He oversees a global team of researchers who study and report on the voices of citizens in more than 150 countries. During his career at Gallup, Muller managed a network of more than 300 consultants and researchers located in more than 40 cities throughout the world. He has worked with many of Gallup's key clients in the automotive, entertainment, telecommunications, healthcare, and broadcast industries.