Wouldn't it be great if everyone knew and understood their strengths so we could all work together more effectively? Now you can take the next step to advance the strengths mission. Expanding Your Strengths introduces you to theme dynamics and includes access to an interactive Web app you can use with the people you manage and coach. The portability of the Web app allows you to pull it up on your desktop, phone or tablet or on third-party devices. Access the Web app anywhere -- from your own office to a client's conference room to a college classroom -- for coaching sessions, one-on-one discussions or high-level meetings.

This powerful resource allows you to dynamically select theme pairings, see how different talent themes combine and complement each other, and explore the StrengthsFinder talent themes one by one. Take your relationships to the next level. Use this book and Web app to create stronger teams, coach friends and associates, and develop your employees.

To get the full benefit of this book and accompanying Web app, you will have already taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and received your results. If you haven't taken StrengthsFinder and would like to purchase a code to take the assessment, go to the Gallup Strengths Center.

About the Author

Curt Liesveld (1951-2015) served as a Learning and Development Senior Consultant at Gallup. As one of Gallup's most experienced coaches and educators, he shared his expertise on strengths development, coaching, team building and vision casting with many different audiences, both in person and online, as a keynote speaker, presenter and writer. Liesveld appeared regularly as a strengths expert on "Theme Thursday," a Gallup webcast series focusing on each Clifton StrengthsFinder theme. He also shared strengths intelligence on a variety of social media platforms and on the Strengths Coaches' Playbook, the Gallup Strengths Center's coaching blog. As coauthor of the book Living Your Strengths, Liesveld played a significant role in bringing a strengths-based focus to churches and faith-based organizations around the world. His insights on using strengths to increase performance also appeared in the Gallup Business Journal.