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Gallup knows more than anyone else in the world about what motivates employees, customers, students and citizens. Our books help leaders and organizations take action, solve problems, improve performance and create their best possible future.

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Our bestselling titles shape the conversation on talent development, successful teams and what the best leaders do differently.

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Wellbeing at Work


Organizations with thriving employees outperform their competitors. Learn how to build organizational resilience and improve employee wellbeing in your workplace.

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The world trusts Gallup, and the numbers show it. Our books land on bestselling lists everywhere, including StrengthsFinder 2.0, the bestselling business book of all time.

20 million+ copies sold worldwide

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1 bestselling business book of all time

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Gallup Press will provide examination or desk copies of its publications on request to instructors who want to review a book for possible class adoption. All requests are subject to approval by Gallup Press.

All examination and desk copies of Gallup Press publications are provided for your review only. Gallup reserves all rights of reproduction, publication and distribution in whole or in part.

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