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Arthur A. Stone, Ph.D.

Arthur A. Stone, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, directs the Center for Self-Report Science at the University of Southern California. Dr. Stone specializes in the field of behavioral medicine and has conducted studies on stress, coping, physical illness, psychoneuroimmunology, psychoendocrinology, structured emotional writing, well-being and self-report processes. Many of his studies have used diaries and momentary approaches to data capture. Dr. Stone's current research focuses on the properties of momentary data in the context of pain and chronic illnesses.

Dr. Stone joined Gallup as a Senior Scientist in 2005. He works with Gallup researchers to explore how employee engagement relates to workers' physical health and well-being.

Dr. Stone has authored or coauthored dozens of published works, including The Science of Self Report and The Science of Real-Time Data Capture. Selected journal contributions include "Understanding Recall of Weekly Pain From a Momentary Assessment Perspective: Absolute Agreement, Between- and Within-Person Consistency, and Judged Change in Weekly Pain"; "A Survey Method for Characterizing Daily Life Experience: The Day Reconstruction Method (DRM)"; and "Variability of Momentary Pain Predicts Recall of Weekly Pain: A Consequence of the Peak (or Salience) Memory Heuristic."

Dr. Stone has been an executive council member for the American Psychosomatic Society; a research committee member for the American Psychological Association; and a past president and executive council member of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research. His editorial appointments include editor-in-chief for Health Psychology and Annals of Behavioral Medicine; editorial board member for the British Journal of Health Psychology and Mind/Body Medicine; and journal reviewer for more than 15 psychology publications.

A licensed psychologist, Dr. Stone received his bachelor's degree from Hamilton College and doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Stony Brook University. His honors and awards include the Distinguished Health Psychologist Senior Award from the American Psychological Association, Division 38; the University Medal of the University of Trier, Germany; and becoming a SUNY Distinguished Professor.

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