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by Emily Massel

To achieve the greater economic inclusion that Mexico needs, schools and government should work together -- casting a wider net to find and develop a new generation of business leaders that spans regions and socioeconomic classes.

by Jon Clifton, Managing Director, Global Analytics

The State of Local and State Government Workers' Engagement report shows a median of 29% of local and state government employees across the U.S. are engaged at work and provides a snapshot of the engagement situation in 43 states.

by Julie Ray

Modern slavery is present in some form in 167 countries, according to a new report from the Walk Free Foundation. The organization's 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that 45.8 million people are in some type of modern slavery.

Gallup recognized organizations that go above and beyond in their commitment to and advancement of employee-centric performance excellence. These organizations demonstrate excellence in specific areas of employee engagement.

by Brandon Busteed and Jonathan Rodkin

Teachers are not anti-assessment, according to a new Gallup/Northwest Evaluation Association study. And parents' and students' complaints about over-testing appear to be less widespread than news accounts might suggest.

By Valerie Calderon

Schools can be incubators for future business builders.

by Julie Ray

Gallup's new report, the 2016 Global Great Jobs Report, offers the latest update on the real jobs situation in more than 130 countries. The report reveals where the good -- and great -- jobs are and where the greatest deficits remain.

by Ed O'Boyle and Jim Harter

Truly engaged workplaces are rare. Just 13% of employees are engaged in their jobs worldwide. But there are companies that buck this trend.

by Valerie J. Calderon and Tim Hodges

The 2015 Gallup Student Poll suggests that real-world experience is lacking for many students, but it is more important than ever for a student's long-term success in post-high school work and life.

by Stephanie Marken

J.D. holders nationally lag other graduate degree holders in nearly all areas of well-being, but outperform bachelor's degree holders in all elements.

by Rebecca Riffkin and Jim Harter

Diversity is an important issue in hiring, especially in Silicon Valley. But various Gallup studies have examined the combination of diversity, employee engagement and inclusion that provides a competitive advantage for businesses.

by Jon Clifton, Managing Director, Global Analytics
By Shane J. Lopez and Valerie J. Calderon

Many students in the U.S. have positive ideas about their future, but they often have no clue regarding how to make the future they envision a reality.

by Tim Hodges

More than 150,000 new teachers will need to be hired this year. School leaders should consider four major factors as they prepare to embark on this mass-hiring journey.

by Brandon Busteed

Female former student-athletes outperform other college graduates on important career and life outcomes, according to a new analysis based on the Gallup-Purdue Index.