Has the U.S. economy really recovered? How many people worldwide have great jobs? Gallup.com tackled these and other questions in 2016.

To achieve the greater economic inclusion that Mexico needs, schools and government should work together -- casting a wider net to find and develop a new generation of business leaders that spans regions and socioeconomic classes.

By focusing on job creation through small-business startups, the EU can make its annual €21 billion bailout of unemployed young adults a success.

Schools can be incubators for future business builders.

Mexico City looks to build its economy by identifying and developing high school students with high entrepreneurial talent.

Employers believe that college graduates aren't developing the skills needed for the 21st-century workplace. Millennials agree.

Is the official U.S. unemployment rate a "big lie"? Do small businesses have a future? Gallup tackled these issues and more in 2015.

Demographic trends show that by 2050, a majority of the world's population will be concentrated in cities. This emerging trend means city leaders are going to have to start creating new strategies for their economic ecosystems.

New study shows a worrisome relationship between student loan debt and the likelihood of graduates starting their own businesses.

Hopefully, the presidential candidates will spend most of their time talking about where good jobs come from.

The success of business builders is rooted in their innate talents, research finds.

Gallup's study of U.S. entrepreneurs found that high levels of entrepreneurial talent increase one's odds of business success.

Only 17% of unemployed Saudis would opt for private-sector employment, compared with 81% who prefer government jobs.

Between potentially earning better pay in the private sector and job security in the government sector, Saudis choose the latter.

26% Worldwide Employed Full Time for Employer

This is one of Gallup's biggest discoveries ever, yet almost no leader in the world knows this, says Gallup CEO Jim Clifton.

The institute's mission is to lead America in fixing its biggest problems: the decline of free enterprise, the need for many more good jobs and mistaken theories on employee engagement and how humans develop in the workplace.

Today Gallup released a report summarizing the key findings of a major research project, sponsored by Wells Fargo, analyzing the experiences of small-business owners by race, ethnicity, gender, veteran status and sexual orientation.

Jim Clifton was interviewed recently for the National Federation of Independent Business' Playbook magazine on the strengths of entrepreneurs. Here are the questions and answers.