Feb 13-19, 2017
Gallup Good Jobs 44.1% -0.3
Underemployed 14.4% -
Unemployed 5.9% -0.1
Job Creation Index 34 -1
Economic Confidence Index 7 -
Consumer Spending $90 -16
Updates Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET; reflects one-week change

One in three U.S. employees are engaged at work. Alabama has the highest percentage of engaged workers, at 37%, followed closely by Delaware, Kentucky and Louisiana, at 36%.

If people with ideas move from consumers to "builders," economies globally can reverse negative economic trends.

A 1972 Gallup poll found football eclipsing baseball for the first time as Americans' favorite sport to watch.

Seeking meaningful and productive lives, "builders" in cities throughout the world could revitalize stagnant economies.