Jul 11-17, 2016
Obama Approval 49% -2
Obama Disapproval 46% +1
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Articles providing context for the 2016 presidential election

Daily, weekly and monthly updates on key indicators that provide context for the 2016 presidential election

by Jonathan Rothwell

The relationship between economic hardship and favorable views of Donald Trump is not as neat as some commentators have suggested. Those who like Trump tend to live in areas far from the Mexican border that are relatively unexposed to trade competition.

George H.W. Bush went into the 1988 convention trailing his opponent on the ballot and garnering so-so ratings for several key character traits. He came out of the convention with a new image and a commanding lead.

by Lydia Saad

Melania Trump's pre-convention favorable rating is the worst of any potential first lady Gallup has measured since 1992, mainly because Democrats tilt strongly against her. Republicans are more positive, though many can't rate her.

In 1967, one in seven Americans living in large cities said it was likely that there was going to be serious racial trouble in their community in the near future.