Sep 19-25, 2016
Gallup Good Jobs 45.6% -0.3
Underemployed 13.0% -0.1
Unemployed 5.4% -0.2
Job Creation Index 34 +2
Economic Confidence Index -12 -3
Consumer Spending $85 +5
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by Jim Clifton

Twenty-five million U.S. adults are invisible in media coverage of the widely reported 4.9% official unemployment rate.

U.S. workers worry more about having their benefits reduced than about being laid off, getting a pay cut or having their hours cut. Fewer worry about each of these possibilities than did so from 2009-2013.

Leaders need to engage millennials right now to seize a well-being opportunity for their organizations.

Americans have major problems with their well-being -- but millennials may help turn the tide.

Lydia Saad, senior editor at Gallup, will lead the Webinar "Analyzing Gallup's Economic Confidence Index".

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