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Americans Continue to Support Puerto Rico Statehood

Two in three Americans (66%) say they favor admitting Puerto Rico as a U.S. state. This is consistent with the majority support Gallup has recorded for Puerto Rico statehood since 1962.

Few Puerto Ricans Hold Out Hope for Economy

As Puerto Rico suffers an economic meltdown, just 6% of the population believes economic conditions on the island are getting better, and 19% approve of the way Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla is handling his job.

Gallup Vault: Americans' Support for Hawaii's Statehood

Americans mostly supported statehood for Hawaii in the decades leading up to its admission into the union.

Finding Your Purpose as a Coach

Learn about the journey of a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach to finding her purpose as a coach and how she helps those she coaches do the same.

U.S. Congress Approval Remains Low

The substantial majority of Americans still disapprove of the job Congress is doing, while just 17% approve. Although up slightly from 13% in March, approval remains within the 11% to 20% range seen for about 3 1/2 years.

Americas Lead Highs, Sub-Saharan Africa Lows in Well-Being

In 2014, about one in six adults globally were thriving in at least three of the five elements of well-being. Panamanians were the most likely to be thriving (53%) in at least three elements. No Afghans were thriving in three elements.

Quantifying Love Around the World

It's hard not to think about love on Valentine's Day. Fortunately, we also have data. As part of the World Poll, Gallup spent 2006 and 2007 visiting 136 countries and asked people, "Did you experience the following feelings during a lot of the ...

Two in Three Adults Worldwide Are Financially Illiterate

Two-thirds of adults worldwide are financially illiterate, with sizable gaps between men and women.

Resilient Chile Well-Poised to Recover After Quake

Chile's economic strength and institutional stability may give its residents an advantage in recovering from last Saturday's major earthquake. Chileans express more confidence in national government than residents of Latin America and the ...

Clinton Still Has More Negatives Among Dems Than Sanders

As Bernie Sanders finds himself under increased pressure from major Democratic figures to quit the presidential primary, he remains more popular among national Democrats than does Hillary Clinton.
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