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Update: Americans' Concerns About Retirement Persist

About half of nonretired Americans say they will be financially comfortable when they retire, while 78% of those already retired say they are living comfortably.

Few Investors Have Calculated Retirement Income, Expenses

Most nonretired investors haven't done much specific planning for retirement, including calculating expected income and expenses.

U.S. Investors Slow to Stash Cash for Children's College

Fifteen percent of non-retired U.S. investors have met their goal of saving for a child's college education, and 38% have made no progress at all.

Should Americans Really Be Worried About Retirement?

Many Americans don't think about retirement until it looms in their immediate future. Learn how confident Americans are that they'll have enough money when they retire.

Room for Improvement in Investor Confidence About Retirement

A third of U.S. investors, unchanged from a year ago, feel highly confident they will have enough money to maintain the lifestyle they want in retirement.

Investors Want Freedom With Retirement Savings

Most non-retired investors value having a guaranteed income stream in retirement, aside from Social Security. Fewer have the mindset to achieve it.

More U.S. Nonretirees Expect Comfortable Retirement

In the U.S., more nonretirees than a year ago expect to live comfortably in retirement, and they worry less about retirement than they did in 2016.

Social Security Still Financial Bedrock for Retirees

Social Security remains a critical resource for U.S. retirees' financial security with the majority calling it a major income source. Nonretirees aren't counting on it as much, but haven't found a true replacement.

U.S. Investors More Confident About Retirement Finances

U.S. investors are gaining confidence that they will be able to maintain the lifestyle they want throughout their retirement.

Young, Old in U.S. Plan on Relying More on Social Security

Both the youngest and the oldest nonretired Americans have grown increasingly likely to say they will depend on Social Security when they retire.
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