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40% of Americans Believe in Creationism

Four in 10 Americans have a creationist view of human origins, while 33% believe humans evolved with God's guidance and 22% without it.

U.S. Support for Same-Sex Marriage Matches Record High

Two in three Americans (67%) say marriages between same-sex couples should be legally recognized, matching the previous high Gallup measured in 2018.

2021 Gallup Culture Transformation Award Winners

Winners have transformed how they work by creating a shared vision for success.

In U.S., Belief in Creationist View of Humans at New Low

While most Americans believe God was involved in the creation of humans, fewer than four in 10 (38%) hold a strict creationist view, the lowest level in 35 years.

In U.S., 42% Believe Creationist View of Human Origins

The proportion of the U.S. population believing in a creationist view of human origins, now at 42%, has wavered little over the past 32 years. The percentage saying God was not involved in human origins is rising.

Five Forces That Will Reshape the Future of Healthcare

For health systems, financial recovery hinges on five strategic elements. Learn more now.

Gallup Vault: Backing Press Freedom Over Government Secrecy

In June 1971, after The New York Times published excerpts from a classified report on the Vietnam War, the so-called Pentagon Papers, the majority of Americans familiar with the articles approved of them.

Perry vs. Huntsman on Evolution

Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman tweeted on Thursday "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy." This was no doubt intended to contrast him to Republican Presidential candidate Rick ...

Approval as an Objective Measure of Presidential Performance

The job approval rating continues to provide a valuable way of summarizing a president's performance in a single measure.

Create a Culture That Inspires: Organizational Change, Part 2

Learn more about navigating change -- including the importance of mindset, what happens when organizations don't evolve and how change starts with the individual.
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