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Turning survey results into business intelligence

Our analytics connect your survey data to concrete performance outcomes, showing you exactly how to improve business results.

Make sense of survey results with:
  • powerful text analytics
  • the world's most trusted benchmark database for engagement
  • advanced data visualization tools
Compare Team Scores graphic showing user profile: Bolton, Marco; Total N = 20; Current Mean: 4.75
Quickly fix what matters most

Gallup Access sends you straight to workplace issues that need immediate attention so that you don't lose time wondering how to analyze survey data.

Graphic showing workflow of a low score to score based insights via score insights to higher scores via improvement
Know where you stand against the competition with strong analytics and benchmarking

Use our database to benchmark your results against thousands of companies and your internal teams. After all, a number is just a number -- until you have the right context.


million responses*


languages for surveys


million respondents


million workgroups




major industries

*Gallup Access compares your results to survey responses collected in the last five years, so you know where you stand against other companies. How many responses do we have in total? Over a billion.

Tools to help you focus on people, not data

Heat Maps

Visualize survey results based on employee details like department, tenure or region.

A simplified version of Gallup Access heatmaps, a form of text analytics.

Text Analytics

Measure the emotion of written responses. Learn how your people feel with just a glance.

Snippets from a survey results report showing good, neutral, and bad results, with a green smiley face, yellow expressionless face, and red frowny face, respectively, alongside survey questions

One-Click Presentations

Create compelling presentations from your data with the help of our automated tool.

Survey results alongside three file formats available for exportation.
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