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CliftonStrengths on Gallup Access: Your View of High Performance

Developing people to reach their full potential starts with helping them understand what they do best.

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CliftonStrengths brings out the best in people. Gallup Access(opens in a new window) helps leaders, managers and coaches turn talent into high performance.

Use the platform to:
  • view individual strengths reports
  • track results, action plans and more with a personalized, intuitive dashboard
  • analyze team dynamics for more effective team planning and feedback
  • oversee the distribution of assessments to individuals and teams
  • prepare yourself to have the right conversations built on strengths, engagement and performance
  • empower individual and team development

Unlock advanced functionality, and access advice and education based on decades of research and proven outcomes with a subscription.

Comparison of Gallup Access Subscriptions

Business: Designed to support organizations that are using CliftonStrengths with their employees/members. Get started with "CliftonStrengths: Your Introduction" (only available with CliftonStrengths 34).

Advisory: Includes all the features of the Business subscription plus decades of Gallup's strengths-based development expertise to support your initial assessment launch, build internal capabilities for sustainability and ongoing implementation assistance to ensure your strengths-based development efforts are successful.

  Business Advisory
Permissions, Reporting and Support
5 individuals with System Admin permissionsWe'll help you set up to five individuals with System Administrator permissions. is included is included
Code redeemers are organization membersEveryone who redeems a code are members of your organization. is included is included
Organization assigns privileges to code redeemersYour organization assigns privileges for viewing enhanced content and using team tools. is included is included
System Admins manage content permissionsSystem Admins use the role management tool to manage permissions for content and features. is included is included
Cascade reporting is included is included
One-hour live onboarding training is included is included
Gallup Access Help Center is included is included
Client Support is included is included
Advisory Support & Integration
Strategic program launch callCall to set milestones, manage implementation and align actions with business outcomes. is not included is included
Configure platform to your needs with individualized platform trainingSupport to customize the platform to meet your organization's needs. is not included is included
Company single sign-on is not included is included
Standard migration of past CliftonStrengths results is not included is included
Expert Support For Program SetupYou get Gallup expert support to help implement your strengths-based development program.
Help configuring who does whatSupport to set up roles in Gallup Access so that those who need to do what you need done can actually do it. is not included is included
Initial launch support for managing assessmentsSupport for your initial launch to customize assessment invites, manage and distribute codes, and monitor participation. is not included is included
Monthly support for report exportsMonthly support for individual and team report exports as needed. is not included is included
Webinar for 100 peoplePersonalize capability building for strengths champions, coaches and facilitators to maximize all of Access' features is not included is included
Quarterly One-Hour Connections With A Gallup Expert
Stay current on the latest Gallup Access features is not included is included
Strengths for internal programsConsistently integrate a strengths-based approach for internal programs. is not included is included
Inspiration for strengths-based conversationsContinually empower leaders and managers to have meaningful strengths-based conversations. is not included is included
Build internal capabilities to drive sustainability is not included is included

Take CliftonStrengths to the Next Level.

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