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Analytics & Reporting

Discover the story behind your data.

Get more than a number. Our analytics and survey reporting give you context and clarity on the next steps to achieve your goals -- all in 24 hours after your survey closes.

Screenshot of Q12 employee engagement report

Pinpoint where you need to improve. Quickly.

No need to search Google for "how to read survey results." Our easy-to-understand data visualizations let you see your most important numbers front and center.

Screenshots of heatmap and text analytics reports

Not just pretty. Smart too.

Because our expertise is in people analytics, Gallup Access generates survey results that are actionable for your team. You'll find embedded advice to improve your scores and a filter that sends you straight to the areas you need to focus on first.

Screenshot of Gallup’s employee engagement index.

Know where you stand against the competition with strong analytics and benchmarking.

A number is just a number -- until you have the right context. More than a simple survey tool, using our employee analytics platform gives you an advantage in interpreting your results.

Use our extensive database to benchmark your results against over a thousand companies and your internal teams.

million responses

million respondents

million business units



major industries

Gallup's employee engagement database summary

Our analytics and reporting come in all shapes and sizes.

Survey Results Report Types

Screenshot of Q12 employee engagement report

View your overall team engagement scores and each itemized result. Compare previous administrations and top-box scores.

Screenshots of Q12 PowerPoint exports

Save time. You won't have to spend weeks analyzing data and compiling a report. Our sophisticated tool will help you present survey results.

Screenshot of Q12 Engagement heatmap

Sort and view data based on the variables you care about such as department, tenure or city center.

Screenshot of text analytics sentiment summary

Find insights using text analytics to group your employees' written feedback into diverse sentiments.

Screenshot of Gallup Access report export options

Discover what makes you unique and how to achieve better outcomes at work and in life.

Screenshot of CliftonStrengths team grid

Identify what your teams do best and how they can work together successfully.

Explore your data.

Choose How You Filter and Cut Your Data

You control how to filter and compare your data.

Receive Email Reminders

No need to log in and check every hour for your reports. We send an email to your inbox when they're ready.

Create Reports for All Role Types

Create role-specific reports for executives, human resources, managers, individuals and teams.

Export Data to Excel, PDF or PowerPoint

See the data the way you want. Export data to the format that meets your needs.

Get Survey Results Within 24 Hours

Fast results mean you can quickly address your problems. With other survey providers, you could be waiting for weeks.

View Your Trended Data Over Time

The most valuable insights often come with time. Track and compare data from your first administration to the rest.
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Analyze Written Feedback

Use sentiment analysis to find insights from your employee feedback.

Get the analytics you need to improve your workplace. Request a demo today.

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