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You get easy-to-implement tools and our guaranteed support.

Learning how to use new technology can be challenging for some. But we set you up for success, and we'll be here to help when you have questions.

Frequently asked question groups for reports, cliftonstrengths, surveys, action, and administration tools

You don't have to wait on us.

You choose who sees what, which reporting goes where and what access to give all of your users. You can easily shape and reshape your implementation to match your company structure. And be assured that we'll be here to help when you need it.

What you've always wanted: full flexibility and control.

Our intuitive administration tools suite makes it simple for you to manage your platform settings, along with the people and programs in it.

Instantly react to changes in your organization with functionality that moves as fast as you do. A few clicks let you set up or modify overall, project and team settings.

Empower managers to view and track their teams.

With flexible team management tools, your managers will feel motivated to view and track their teams' strengths, action plans, reports and participation.

Map individuals and teams to the right roles and privileges.

Quickly adjust permissions for individuals and teams using bulk actions. Add or remove access with the click of a button.

Get access to help 24/7.

Our help center has robust FAQs, user guides and resources. Client support is just a quick click or call away.

Our platform has everything you need to feel confident.

No Steep Learning Curve

Even those new or averse to technology find our platform easy to use. Onboarding doesn't take days or weeks like it does for other platforms.

Ongoing Implementation Support

You get convenient access to clear implementation guides and video tutorials for new users whenever you need it.

Real People Support

Our experts set you up for success during your initial training. And they will continue to be there for you along the way.

Live Chat

In a hurry? Get a quick answer from a real person.

User Impersonation

Administrators can set privileges to view and troubleshoot others' dashboards.

Discover how easy it is to use our platform. Request a demo today.

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