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Effective action planning, made easy.

We know you don't need another to-do. You need the right steps to get proven results.

Tie action plans to your business goals.

It's easy because our surveys and reporting always focus on performance.
We have everything you need in our guided action planning form -- and plenty of expert advice -- to help you create plans that tie to your business goals.

Motivate your managers to follow through.

Conversations about survey results are extremely important to employees, but even more, they need managers to follow through.

When employees strongly agree that their organization takes action on survey results, they are 1.9 times more likely to be engaged.

That's why Gallup Access makes taking action on survey results simple for you and your managers.

Only 8%
of employees strongly agree that their organization takes action on surveys -- the rest are 1.7x more likely to be looking for another job.

employees who strongly agree that their organization takes action on survey results are 1.9x more likely to be engaged.

Keep it simple. Make it successful.

Discover guided questions that will prompt you to think about real outcomes and help you improve your next survey results.

Increase accountability.

Guided Questions

Use questions that tie your action plan to your team and company goals.

Best-Practice Advice

Get action planning advice and tips that help you follow through.

Embedded Learning

Know exactly what you need to do for each action item by adding corresponding learning modules and advice.

Team Monitoring

Keep track of each individual employee performance plan or team-level goals.

Flexible Planning

Not a one-size-fits-all approach: You can adjust your plan to fit your needs.

Track Your Progress

See notifications (in red!) when a deadline is approaching.

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