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Every tool you need to create an exceptional workplace, in one place.

Most survey tools only provide surface insights. Our platform offers much more.

Gallup Access helps you get to the root of your culture issues and gives your managers relevant next steps and learning to improve team performance.

Give employees more than a paycheck to keep them from checking out.

People need a great workplace culture, career development and a manager who sets them up for success to reach their potential (and to achieve your business goals).

Gallup Access puts proven surveys and insights directly into the hands of your managers -- the people who have the most influence over those factors.

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Do more than collect feedback. Use our complete solutions that help you know what to do next.

Gallup Access gives you workplace surveys and learning that help you make better decisions. You can start with the solutions that you're ready for, and then build out as you need to.

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Employee Experience

Win the war for top talent by understanding and optimizing your culture and the employee experience. Ask the right questions to improve your HR and management approach.

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Employee Engagement

Engagement is more than a survey. It's a management approach. Discover our Q12 engagement survey and follow-through by using our learning resources for managers and teams.

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The CliftonStrengths assessment and team tools help you coach and develop the right way. Improve individual and team performance by focusing on strengths.

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Other platforms say they have a unique approach. We can prove ours works.

There are many elements to creating an exceptional workplace. Learn what they are and how Gallup Access combines the tools you need to get there.
On average, 15% of employees are engaged worldwide versus 70% for Gallup's Great Workplace Award winners.

Imagine the changes you can make in your organization by seeing Gallup Access in action.