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Back your HR strategy with proven surveys and insights.

Subscribe to our platform to use Gallup's scientifically validated employee surveys on company culture, employee engagement, the employee experience and more. Plus, get HR, management and leadership learning and advice at your fingertips.

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Get exclusive management advice and leadership insights at each step.

Gallup Access is an employee engagement software that gives you more than basic tools. Each feature offers individualized management and leadership insights to help you improve your HR strategy.

Do more than collect employee feedback. Take action with our targeted solutions.

The solutions on Gallup Access are based on decades of research that help you get to the root of your unique culture issues -- and then fix them. You can start with the solutions you're ready for, and then build out as you need.

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Employee Experience

Win the war for top talent by optimizing your culture and the employee experience.

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Employee Engagement

Discover our Q12 engagement survey and learning resources for managers and teams.

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Improve team performance by using the CliftonStrengths assessment and team tools.

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Other platforms say they have a unique approach. We can prove ours works.

Many elements factor into creating an exceptional workplace. Learn what they are and how Gallup Access provides the tools you need to get there.

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Imagine the changes you can make in your organization by seeing Gallup Access in action.