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Select the Very Best for Your School

Use Gallup's talent-based hiring programs to measure the potential talent of your school district's candidates to select the very best for your school.

Gallup's Talent Expertise

40+ Years of Experience in Education Selection
Over 3 Million Educators Assessed
Over 500 Studies Conducted for Developing Talent-Based Selection Solutions

Learn More About TeacherInsight

Gallup's TeacherInsight system measures outstanding K-12 teacher talent in three dimensions: achievement drive, student and parent relationships, and classroom structure and planning.

Benefits to Your District:

  • Cost Effectiveness: TeacherInsight saves districts time and money by streamlining the candidate application process.
  • Talent: TeacherInsight goes beyond traditional hiring practices that focus on a candidate's education, experience and certifications. TeacherInsight helps districts identify candidates with the best potential to be a great teacher.
  • Speed: TeacherInsight generates a score immediately for each candidate, expediting the hiring process.
  • Searching Ability: Find candidates by school level, subject areas taught and certification, and maintain easy integration with your district's applicant tracking system.
  • Data Summary and Consulting: At the end of each hiring season, districts receive a detailed summary of statistics gathered from candidates. Gallup's consultants help you interpret the data to improve your recruiting and selection process.

Candidates can complete the TeacherInsight assessment in about 40 minutes. The district can view candidate results almost immediately.

Learn More About PrincipalInsight

Gallup's PrincipalInsight system builds on decades of research and provides fast, efficient and effective talent assessment of principal candidates.

Benefits to Your District:

  • Speed: PrincipalInsight can assess numerous candidates quickly.
  • Time: PrincipalInsight generates a score immediately for each candidate, expediting the hiring process.
  • Reliability: Online scoring adds objectivity and fairness to your selection process.
  • Research-based: Gallup based the assessment on over 40 years of in-depth research focusing on leaders in education.
  • Compatibility: Schools can integrate PrincipalInsight into other human resources software systems.

Using this assessment, school districts can address their leadership pipeline challenges, maintain or increase the overall level of candidate quality, and decrease the total staff time required to interview candidates.

Learn More About SupportInsight

Gallup's Education SupportInsight system allows districts and schools to select the most talented support staff. While teachers and principals are typically the most visible leaders in a school, many other roles play an important part in creating an atmosphere in which students thrive.

By examining more than 30 years of Gallup research and interviewing thousands of school staff, Gallup created the Education SupportInsight system. Through this research, Gallup determined the most common functional demands, or responsibilities, of employees in these types of support roles:

  • Communication, Interpersonal Relationship and Service
  • Administrative Organization and Task Completion
  • Information Gathering, Analysis and Judgement

SupportInsight is fast and available at the candidate's convenience. The district can view candidate results almost immediately.

Select the most talented for your school.

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