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Steps for a Successful CliftonStrengths for Students Initiative

Learn the proven steps to execute a successful CliftonStrengths® for Students initiative and prepare your students to thrive on campus and after graduation.

This paper provides a framework to help your school's leaders, faculty, administrators and students use a strengths-based approach to build an engaged and thriving campus community.

Gallup has helped hundreds of campuses improve student engagement and well-being using a focus on CliftonStrengths. Each campus is unique, but the most successful initiatives share a common framework to achieve great outcomes.

Download Steps for a Successful CliftonStrengths for Students Initiative: How to Create a Thriving Campus to learn:

  • how CliftonStrengths for Students can improve your school's student engagement and well-being
  • the three fundamental steps critical to the success of your CliftonStrengths for Students initiative
  • the right questions to ask to effectively guide your strategy conversations
  • how the best schools implement strengths initiatives that empower students to live thriving and engaged lives at school and after graduation

Start building an engaged and thriving campus today.

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