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Download Gallup's Perspective onUnderstanding the K-12 Teacher Experience


Gallup’s Perspective on Understanding the K-12 Teacher Experience

Get the full picture of K-12 teachers’ experience at work, with insights on wellbeing, turnover, burnout, engagement and more.

Gallup’s Perspective on Understanding the K-12 Teacher Experience Cover

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The education workplace has changed -- and nowhere is that more evident than in the job description of K-12 educators. New expectations, evolving resource needs, changing technology and more have converged to turn what has always been a demanding profession into an even more difficult one.

To get a clearer picture of the challenges K-12 educators face (and how they respond), we explored the perspectives of hundreds of current and former teachers, covering topics like burnout, wellbeing, engagement and more.

Download this report to learn:

  • why teachers are leaving the profession

  • which elements of engagement are not being met for teachers

  • the seven stages of the teacher life cycle

  • the core needs of every teacher

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