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Interview: How Reggie Van Lee Leads With Strengths

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About the Leader

Reggie Van Lee

Reggie Van Lee Partner & Chief Transformation Officer, Carlyle

  • Positivity®
  • Activator®
  • Achiever®
  • Input®
  • Woo®

“There will always be haters in the world. You can't avoid them. They're there … I use the haters to inspire me. What haters don't want me to do, I must do.”


"Keep pushing."

Van Lee has seen firsthand that Positivity is infectious. No matter how negative an interaction starts out or how many barriers people put up, he finds that if he persists in his Positivity, it will prevail.


“I really love interacting with people.”

Van Lee can’t help but take an interest in the people around him. With his Woo strength, even the most difficult people are drawn to him.


"I’m almost always working. I’m always thinking about things."

Van Lee problem solves around the clock. He even reports that he solves problems while he sleeps, often waking up with fresh solutions in mind.


"Mentoring for me is so important."

Having mentored multiple people over the years, Van Lee greatly appreciates seeing his mentees flourish in significant ways. His Activator talent drives him to seek out these meaningful relationships and set his mentees on the right path.