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Interview: How Ambassador (Dr.) Robin Renee Sanders Leads With Strengths

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About the Leader

Robin Renee Sanders

Ambassador (Dr.) Robin Renee SandersCEO-FEEEDS, former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria & Republic of Congo

  • Learner®
  • Strategic®
  • Aranger®
  • Individualization®
  • Achiever®

“The best leaders that I’ve ever worked for have also been the nicest people that I’ve ever worked for.”


"I'm more a lifetime learner than anything else."

Whether they're academic, strategic, political, cultural or just about life in general, the lessons Sanders learns give her meaning and, as she puts it, make her "get up in the morning."


“I want to understand everybody's view.”

Sanders' Individualization drives her to engage others with openness and humility, both at home and abroad. When serving as U.S. ambassador in Nigeria, among other places, she sought to learn the culture of each village she visited and approach the people with respect.


“I always try to think four or five steps ahead.”

Encouraging her staff to always have a “cuff list” or a list of possible scenarios they'd have to contend with for the situation they're facing, Sanders uses her Strategic to always stay a few steps ahead of world events.


“You’ve got to be able to pivot.”

In her time as U.S. ambassador, Sanders faced potentially dangerous situations in which she had to quickly pivot. Her Arranger talent gave her the clarity she needed to reorganize the pieces at play.