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Interview: How Kevin Lobo Leads With Strengths

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About the Leader

Kevin Lobo

Kevin Lobo Chair and CEO, Stryker

  • Individualization®
  • Learner®
  • Achiever®
  • Activator®
  • Positivity®

“Strengths, to me, is the most powerful thing I’ve done in my career.'”


"I adapt my style to the audience I’m around."

Rather than using one communication style with everyone, Lobo adjusts his style based on the behavior of the person he’s interacting with. “And I do that naturally, without even thinking,” he says.


“You better slow me down sometimes.”

Lobo has the natural urge to start a large number of projects. However, knowing that too many simultaneous projects can cause chaos, he relies on his team to help him slow down and stay focused.


"I’m constantly curious."

Using his curiosity to help others, Lobo regularly asks leaders in his organization questions that sharpen their thinking and help them achieve their goals.


"Just accomplishing a lot of small tasks doesn’t mean you’ve had a great day."

As he’s matured in his Achiever strength, Lobo has learned that a to-do list full of minor items can lead to meaningless or ineffectual work. As CEO, his evaluation of his work is much more robust, now being based on who he’s spending time with and inspiring, setting the cultural tone, and handling complex matters.


"I always have this positive outlook on life."

Even in the darkest times, Lobo has confidence that something good can emerge. Positivity, he says, inspires people, and this strength plays a major role in his leadership.