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Interview: How DeMoine Adams Leads With Strengths

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About the Leader

DeMoine Adams

DeMoine Adams CEO, TeamMates Mentoring

  • Futuristic®
  • Significance®
  • Individualization®
  • Relator®
  • Strategic®

DeMoine Adams, CEO of TeamMates Mentoring, has made it his life's work to elevate and develop the next generation of young people. Drawing on his experiences as a Division 1 college athlete and NFL player, Adams brings a coach's mentality and the principles of strengths-based leadership to the staff of his mission-rich organization. As a dedicated servant leader, Adams works tirelessly to help his organization's mentees embrace their strengths and become highly effective leaders.


"I would just outwork folks."

Having grown up being told he was not smart enough, not big enough and not athletic enough to do the things he wanted to do, Adams credits his Achiever with giving him the energy and discipline to put in more work than his peers in pursuit of excellence.


"I make other people feel valued."

Turning his Significance toward others, Adams helps his staff and mentees feel consequential. When given an opportunity to motivate or inspire others, he imparts a sense of importance to the people involved.


"Leaders don't create followers. Leaders create leaders."

Adams naturally adapts to social situations. His Individualization combines with other talents, like Learner, to allow him to quickly analyze his surroundings and adapt his style to achieve the best outcome. When using this talent with his staff, he focuses on one thing: helping them to be better leaders.


"Preparation breeds confidence."

By visualizing a situation, anticipating obstacles and planning his actions ahead of time, Adams prepares himself to perform well in any situation. Having used this method many times on the football field -- what players call "getting in mental reps" -- Adams now uses it to succeed in the boardroom.


"What pivots do I need to make?"

Adams' Strategic strength is always active as he incessantly scrutinizes his day and relationships to ensure his actions align with his goals. From fundraising to ensuring that staff and students feel a strong sense of connection, Adams' top priorities are always in his line of sight, and he regularly pivots to support them.