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Jenny Marlar, Ph.D.

Jenny Marlar, Ph.D.

Research Director, U.S. Survey Research
Omaha, Nebraska

About Jenny

Consults with Gallup and its clients on sampling strategies, data collection and implementation, questionnaire design, panel designs, and emerging methodologies

Jenny is the director of U.S. survey research. She specializes in address-based sampling (ABS) and random digit dialing (RDD) methodologies and the recruitment and retention of probability-based panels. Her work often involves targeting low incidence or hard-to-reach populations and exploring methodologies for improving response rates. Jenny is also a lead researcher on studies analyzing best practices in applying new research technologies and methodologies.

Previously, Jenny was a methodologist on Gallup's World Poll team, where she developed expertise in global research and data quality. She researches and writes on survey methodology and has produced many papers and presentations. Jenny has published in Public Opinion Quarterly and Survey Practice and has presented at American Association for Public Opinion Research, Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research and World Association for Public Opinion Research conferences.