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Jane Miller

Jane Miller

Chief Operating Officer
Omaha, Nebraska

About Jane

Maximizes the potential of each employee and develops talent for the future of Gallup

Jane is a thought leader in performance management, leadership and organizational identity. Over her career, she has helped revolutionize the workplace through a unique and groundbreaking philosophy that emphasizes strengths as a lens through which organizations can select, manage, motivate, develop and ultimately engage employees.

Besides serving as Chief Operating Officer of Gallup, Jane is also a director and an owner. She is responsible for all operational and client service aspects at Gallup.

Jane is coauthor of Women in America: Work and Life Well-Lived. This powerful Gallup report delivers an in-depth perspective on what an ideal work culture for women looks like and what organizations can do to achieve that culture.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bachelor's Degree, Education

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