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Stephanie Marken

Stephanie Marken

Chief Methodologist, U.S. Gallup Poll
About Stephanie

Stephanie Marken is the Chief Methodologist of the U.S. Gallup Poll and the sampling and design architect for Gallup's largest public release studies, including the Gallup-Purdue Index and Education Consumer Survey

Marken works with clients to recommend the best research methodologies based on their business needs. She designs data collection instruments, conducts qualitative research, such as cognitive interviews and focus groups, and reports findings from qualitative and quantitative studies. Marken has worked with more than 100 higher education universities and organizations to design and conduct web, mail and telephone studies.

Marken received her bachelor's degree in political science from Elon University and her master's degree in survey research from the University of Connecticut. She has earned additional certifications in data disclosure analysis, web survey design and mixed-mode survey design.