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Senior Scientists and Advisers

Senior Scientists and Senior Advisers are leading experts who advise and consult with Gallup researchers and select clients. Their contributions serve to further our mission and ensure that our research and development programs are on the cutting edge.

These experts have advised Gallup on a range of topics, including leadership, management, employee selection and development, public opinion research, Positive Psychology and research methodology. Each Senior Scientist and Senior Adviser is a foremost authority in his or her field. Current members of this distinguished science advisory council include:

  • Lisa Berkman, Ph.D., an expert on social influences on health and aging and on social inequalities in health
  • Arthur Brooks, Ph.D., an expert on technical economics, human happiness, world poverty and behavioral economics
  • Vinton G. Cerf, Ph.D., widely known as an Internet evangelist and principal collaborator in the development of the Internet
  • Angus Deaton, Ph.D., Nobel prize-winning researcher on health, well-being, economic development and the analysis of household behavior
  • Ed Diener, Ph.D., leading expert on the theories and measurement of well-being
  • Don A. Dillman, Ph.D., principal authority on survey research data collection methodologies
  • Newt Gingrich, Ph.D., former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and CNN contributor
  • Carol Graham, Ph.D., leading expert and author on the economics of happiness and development economics
  • Tom Rath, #1 New York Times bestselling author of StrengthsFinder 2.0, Strengths Based Leadership and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements
  • Frank L. Schmidt, Ph.D., highly acclaimed researcher and author in the fields of personnel selection and meta-analysis
  • Roy Spence, a leading expert on marketing communications and advertising and an authority on individual and organizational mission and purpose
  • Arthur A. Stone, Ph.D., leading researcher in the advancement of behavioral medicine
  • Robert I. Sutton, Ph.D., a leading expert on the psychology of business and management and on performance management in the workplace
  • Michael W. Traugott, Ph.D., a leading expert on survey methodology, election polling and political communication
  • Ella F. Washington, Ph.D., an expert on diversity and inclusion and strengths-based development in the workplace

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