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Exclusive Look: State of the American Workplace

A preview of Gallup's latest report, coming February 15.

"The workplace is changing."

Leaders hear this declaration frequently. It's a common refrain that, in the past, has carried little weight. After all, change is constant in the business world.

Our latest report analyzes the changing American workplace and addresses the complex answers to a seemingly simple question:

"What's different now?"

Organizations have nowhere to hide.

The changes affecting organizations today are colliding in ways they haven't before.

The changes are historic and monumental. Organizations are reconsidering how they manage and optimize performance just as the very essence of how, when and where people work is shifting. Fail to do so, and organizations will struggle to attract and keep great employees and customers.

Organizations must adapt to the needs of the modern workforce.

New and emerging technologies are transforming the way work gets done. While flexibility isn't a reality for all workers, many want it to be. Overall, organizations have a pressing need to become more agile and collaborative.

Underlying all of this is an evolving employee attitude about what a job should be.

Employees know what's important to them and aren't going to settle.

  • They want their work to have meaning and purpose.
  • They want to use their talents and strengths to do what they do best every day.
  • They want to learn and develop.
  • They want their job to fit their life.
  • And they're willing to look for a company whose mission and culture reflect and reinforce their values.

As the competition for skilled and talented workers intensifies, organizations have an opportunity to hone their attraction and retention strategies so they can more effectively recruit and keep sought-after candidates.

State of the American Workplace pinpoints the issues that matter most in attracting, retaining and engaging employees, and optimizing their performance.

The key to an organization's growth has been and always will be its workforce.

State of the American Workplace pinpoints the issues that matter most in attracting, retaining and engaging employees.

Each chapter of the report provides analytics and advice on various aspects of the modern workforce, helping leaders like you:

  • design and deliver a compelling and authentic employer brand
  • take employee engagement from a survey to a cultural pillar that improves performance
  • approach performance management in ways that motivate employees
  • offer benefits and perks that influence attraction and retention
  • enable people to work successfully from locations besides the office
  • construct office environments that honor privacy while encouraging collaboration
  • improve clarity and communication for employees who work on multiple teams

State of the American Workplace serves as an urgent call to action, for leaders like you to define and convey your vision more clearly and create an exceptional workplace.

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