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Called to Coach Webcast

Explore Gallup's research.

Get access to live episodes of our popular webcasts Called to Coach, Theme Thursday and more, all designed to help you develop others to succeed, using their CliftonStrengths.

Learn how CliftonStrengths and Q12 give managers and employees a common language that fosters meaningful workplace conversations and improves workplace engagement.

Listen as COO Jane Miller shares how Gallup is listening to coaches' feedback and addressing CliftonStrengths migration challenges in this Community Update.

Listen as two passionate CliftonStrengths advocates share the vital role strengths is playing in a multiethnic company whose mission is to feed hungry people.

Join Dean Jones as he addresses your CliftonStrengths questions, including how "flow" is integral to understanding what it means to be "strengths-based."

Gain a more thorough understanding of Gallup's talent-based hiring tools and how they compare with CliftonStrengths in this Gallup Research for Coaches webcast.

Discover key insights on remote workers' needs, and how to manage and coach them effectively to greater engagement, in this Gallup Research for Coaches webcast.

Learn from a dedicated school leader with 35 years in education how his faith-based school has worked to integrate CliftonStrengths into the school's curriculum.

Watch the world's best CliftonStrengths coaches share their secrets to success. Tune in to Called to Coach and other essential webcast series.

Learn how CliftonStrengths helped focus one coach's life purpose and how she is using her Includer talent in the growing coaching community in the Philippines.

Learn about the changes coming on Sept. 21 as Gallup Strengths Center moves to Gallup Access in this CliftonStrengths Community Update.

Learn about Gallup's exciting new research on entrepreneurship in 2019-2020 and how you can be a part of it.

Learn the importance of having a firm grasp of your own CliftonStrengths before you engage in meaningful -- sacred -- conversations with those you coach.

Listen as Dean Jones talks about the roles of strengths coach and manager, and how they are key in rolling out CliftonStrengths in an organization.

Listen as Dean Jones talks about the roles of leader and strengths champion, and how they are key in rolling out CliftonStrengths in an organization.

Listen as Austin Suellentrop describes what coaches can expect regarding changes coming to The Coaching Blog and Gallup Strengths Center in September 2019, part 2.

Learn from Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach Charlotte Blair about the prevalence of change and how to use your CliftonStrengths to navigate it.

Listen as parents (of 7), authors and businesspeople Brandon and Analyn Miller share what they've learned about parenting through all stages of kids' lives.

Learn about The Coaches Circle -- part of the rich coaching community in the Philippines -- and how coaches are trained and helped through it.

Listen to a unique Called to Coach, recorded live at the 2019 CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha, Nebraska, and find out about attendees' experiences at the summit.