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Learn how this author and former Siemens CHRO uses her strengths to tailor her communications, embrace conflict and position people to bring their whole selves to work.

Learn how the president of Western New England University uses his strengths to guide his teams to accomplish more and touch students' lives.

Learn how the commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW leads highly successful firefighters who resolve emergencies and care deeply about the people they help.

Learn how this advertising pioneer, agency entrepreneur and author uses his strengths to lead creative teams, discover big ideas and reimagine education.

Learn how the founder of Axios uses his strengths to advance trust in journalism, produce top-tier news and run a strengths-based organization.

Learn how the president of West Virginia University uses his strengths to create cycles of hope while making WVU an example of strengths-based success.

Strengths-based recognition is meaningful, creates belonging and achieves results. Learn how to give genuine employee recognition using strengths.

Learn how this former real estate broker and assistant secretary of state used her strengths to maximize her team talents and succeed during the pandemic.

Learn how this Hall of Fame football coach and congressman coached his players to win through hope, commitment and certain knowledge that they were cared about.

Learn how the former Chief of the Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch of the International Labour Organization learns, leads and changes the world.

Learn how the founder of and uses his strengths to set his teams up for success, manage information and thrive despite setbacks.

The best leaders use their strengths to accomplish their goals. Discover how to become the leader only you can be.

Discover how alternative healing advocate Deepak Chopra uses his strengths to lead high-functioning teams, maximize wellbeing and envision humanity's future.

Hear how the chancellor of the University of Tennessee uses her strengths to lead in higher education, improve student retention and spread positivity.

Learn how the founder and CEO of Thrive Global has used her strengths to succeed as an author, businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Explore all the leaders Gallup has interviewed about their strengths. Find the strengths story that inspires you.

Explore our video collections of leaders who make their mark on the world using their most powerful strengths.

Learn how the chairman of the board for Special Olympics uses his top strengths to lead the organization to fulfill its mission.

Learn how prominent leaders use their strengths to accomplish great things -- for their organizations and for the world.

Learn how Dr. Sanders, former U.S. ambassador and current CEO of FEEEDS, has used strategic thinking to thrive in challenging and even dangerous circumstances.