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Cure Modern Healthcare Starting With Its People

The modern workplace is changing and healthcare is no different. Providing the highest quality care to patients, while simultaneously caring for the physicians, nurses and staff is the fundamental challenge for the future of healthcare.

Transforming Healthcare

Gallup understands that healthcare leaders face more challenges now than ever before.

Technology is changing rapidly, new care delivery channels are emerging, mergers and acquisitions are happening frequently, and there is a constant demand to improve patient outcomes -- all amidst an uncertain policy landscape.

Maximizing the Value of the Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem
The healthcare system today is a web of interconnected stakeholders -- maximizing the collective impact of the combined "system" will require a unified approach aimed at improving quality of care and reducing costs.

Performance and Value Optimization
Value-based care remains a priority -- but achieving key outcomes requires a shift away from conventional thinking and a legacy approach to work.

Integration, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Consolidation
Mergers and acquisitions are at an all-time high -- but successful mergers need to be followed by effective integration.

Refocusing on Patient Orientation and Quality Care
The customer is evolving and shifting to nontraditional healthcare channels -- are providers keeping pace by gaining a more nuanced understanding of patient needs and expectations?

Dealing With Disruption
Technological and macroeconomic trends are revolutionizing healthcare -- but maximizing key opportunities will require rethinking how we build human performance capabilities.

Gallup Solutions for Healthcare

Gallup has been partnering with healthcare clients for more than 40 years.

Gallup helps our healthcare clients solve their most pressing problems and improve outcomes across critical domains of clinical and financial performance. With our consulting and long-standing expertise in human and organizational behaviors, Gallup has developed targeted solutions for:


  • talent attraction, selection and retention
  • strengths-based performance management
  • development for future physician and nurse leaders

The Employee Experience

  • tools for physician, nurse and staff engagement
  • Nurse Magnet accreditation journeys
  • organizational culture audits
  • strategies to increase resilience and mitigate burnout

Patient Outcomes

  • culture change for patient safety interventions
  • patient experience research for quality improvement
  • analytics for next-generation data, sensors and systems
Hospital staff gather around a computer over lunch; a doctor consults her patients; an ultrasound tech performs an ultrasound on her patient.

We apply the science of human nature to transform workplace cultures and help our clients achieve incredible outcomes for the patients and populations they serve.

The Quadruple Aim Of Healthcare

Gallup believes that focusing on patients, physicians, nurses and staff is the only sure way for the healthcare industry to achieve its goals.

For healthcare organizations of the future, this means holding their care teams' wellbeing at the same level as their other primary goals. In other words, moving from the industry's current triple aim -- improving patient experience, reducing costs, improving population health -- to a new quadruple aim: care team wellbeing, improving patient experience, improving population health and reducing costs.

The healthcare industry is moving from the triple aim to the quadruple aim.

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